So, I Need To Be Honest About the Post I Recently Deleted…

When it comes to this blog, I usually like to write positive pieces, or pieces that might help people who are dealing with anxiety and depression. But I’m also not afraid to admit when I don’t have the answers, or when I don’t believe I can honestly stand behind something that I write. After all, I’m not a medical professional in any sense. 

Last week I wrote a piece called Diving Back Into Dating, which I recently removed. Circumstances with the women I wrote about changed, and in a moment of panic I pulled the post because it’s no longer something I was confident in putting out in the world. When I wrote the piece I thought I had the answers to dating with anxiety, but when the situation changed I no longer felt I could stand behind the advice I was giving. 

The main thing I wanted people to take away from that post was that it’s better to take a chance on someone you like than to let your anxiety get the better of you and call things off. Just take the chance, and trust the positive signs. 

Maybe it’s my state of mind at the moment, but I don’t feel ok putting that idea out there anymore. Things were going amazingly with this woman, until suddenly, they weren’t. So, how can I, in good conscience, tell people to trust when things seem to be going well?

On the other hand, I don’t think it’s healthy to just expect the worst and let the anxiety fester. So, what’s the right answer when both paths lead to potentially reinforcing relationship anxieties? 

I wish I knew, and if I ever figure it out, I’ll share it here.

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