2 Topics In One!

I have a lot of ideas for things I’d like to write about on this blog, but there are a few ideas that I don’t think would make very strong posts on their own. So, I’ve decided to try this new “grab bag” format I can use occasionally so I can still write about these smaller topics. I don’t know if this is going to work, but I figure I’d give it a shot. Nothing like trying something new, right?

Remote Therapy

So for almost a year now, thanks to the ongoing pandemic, I’ve been seeing my therapist remotely. In fact, I’m pretty sure my last in-person appointment was in February 2020, because not long after my therapist announced she was closing the office and only taking, to use my health insurance’s term, “virtual visits”.

My therapist is about an hour away from me so it’s been nice to only have to block out time for the appointment itself and not the travel-time, but that’s about the only nice thing about it. I’ve just felt like I’m not getting enough out of these appointments. Of course I think it’s still helpful, but communicating in person provides an interpersonal experience that I think is an important part of therapy. Hopefully it won’t have to be this way much longer.

Video Games and Overcoming Obstacles

I was flipping through my journal recently, and I came across something I wrote a couple years ago about a part of a video game I was stuck on. I wrote about how the experience of getting stuck in this game reminded me a lot of how my life was going at the time, and that it was inspiring me to keep on trying in real life.

In a lot of video games if you reach a challenge that seems impossible or overwhelming, chances are you don’t yet have the tools to tackle it. Whether that’s a particular item, or power up, or whatever, if you don’t have what you need to overcome the challenge ahead of you it’s going to be much harder, if not impossible. There’s nothing wrong with coming face-to-face with a challenge in life and having to back away because you’re not ready. What’s important is that you step back, gather what you need, and try again!

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