Light Therapy, Part 2

Several weeks ago I wrote about my limited experience with light therapy, and in that post, I promised a follow-up when I’ve had more time to experience the benefits. This post is going to assume you read the previous post, so if you haven’t yet I suggest reading it.

Most of what I’ve said previously still rings true. The fog that has hung above my head during the last few months of 2020 is definitely less prominent since using light therapy, but my general feelings of depression still haven’t subsided as much. Though I have to say it’s worked better than I expected because I wasn’t really expecting much.

I’ve found it to be most helpful on those overcast days, the days I usually always struggle to do anything beyond sitting around in my pajamas all day. If I wake up and it’s cloudy, or my weather report calls for bad weather I fire up my therapy lamp. However, on most other days when the sun is shining, I’ve found it to be less helpful, with the caveat that I actually open up my blinds to let the light in, or – gasp – go outside.

So I guess this isn’t an extremely exciting conclusion to my light therapy duology. It didn’t totally change my life and solve all my problems, but it also wasn’t a total waste of time and money, and really either of those outcomes would have made a much better blog post. But I still want to put this out there for people, because I do suggest it, as long as you go into it realizing it won’t magically make you happy. Worst case scenario, it makes these dark winter months a bit more bearable, and even just that is worth $30, at least to me.

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