Anxiety Memes #2

Back in November I posted a collection of memes, and it got a pretty positive response. I didn’t want to jump back into it too soon, but I feel like after all the stress over the last week we could all use a few laughs. Like before, I found all these memes on Reddit and have given appropriate credit to the original posters.

Post image

As a computer nerd I appreciate this one from u/willhelps.

Post image

u/StuBo9 perfectly uses a classic meme format!

Post image

Another one from u/willhelps. If only we took our own advice we’d be doing great!

Post image

I don’t know about you, but if I followed the example in this meme from u/BonkGoTo_Jail I think I’d be swole AF. Or I’d just stop overthinking because I hate pushups so much. Either way, that’s a win.

Post image

And finally here’s one from u/moiKeshav for the musicians out there.

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