Welcome to 2021

This post is dedicated to you, the person reading this blog, who made it through the most challenging, stressful, freightening year most of us have ever seen. You had plenty of opportunities to throw up your hands and give in to the despair, and allow this year to ruin your life, or worse.

So maybe you had a few panic attacks, or broke down crying on multiple ocassions, that doesn’t make you weak. It doesn’t make you less of a person. You are strong, you are resilient because despite the stress , fear, and hoplessness, combined with struggling against mental illness, you pulled through.

Maybe you’re hurting, exhausted, dejected, and you don’t have the energy to tackle a new year. That’s ok! Release yourself from the pressure that 2021 has to be better, and take things as they come. You can, and you will, survive what comes next because you’ve already proven your resilience. You’ve shown yourself that you can overcome anxiety of the unknown, and you can find light in your darkest days.

Maybe it’s not a Happy New Year, but is a New Year. Please know that this random guy on the Internet could not be more proud of you.

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