Sleep Tips

Sleep can be tough when you have a mind that just won’t sl0w down. You can spend many nights just laying in bed until 2 AM, worrying about any little thing that pops into your thoughts. Then you start worrying about not getting enough sleep. If you’re lucky, your body decides “enough is enough” and you fall asleep, and if you’re not so lucky then you’re just awake all night. It’s a horrible feeling.

I did a piece about sleep back in October, but looking back I’m not super happy with how that one came out. So this time around I’m making a list of tips that I’ve used to get myself comfortable and relaxed so I can get a restful sleep. I will try not to overlap with the previous post too much.

Get the Right Pillow

It sounds silly, but getting a pillow you like is really important. An uncomfortable pillow can keep anybody up at night, so before anything else take care of making your sleep as comfortable as you can. I personally use a shredded memory foam pillow that I love, but it doesn’t matter what kind as long as you find it comfortable.

Turn Off the Screens

This seems like an obvious one, but I’m pointing it out because it’s something I haven’t been super great about and I want to guilt myself into taking it seriously. Whether it’s a TV, or a tablet, etc, the light from the screen will keep you visually stimulated and awake. Yes, you may need something to distract you from your thoughts, and that’s totally fine, but you’re just replacing one problem with another.

Listen to Music or Podcasts

A better option for distracting you from your thoughts is putting on some calming music, or a podcast that’s not too intense. Leave the punk and the heavy metal for the day time, there are some great calming tunes out there you can use to help you relax (if you need something to get started I made a bedtime playlist on Spotify and Apple Music. A good podcast you can fall asleep to is Boring Books for Bedtime.

Make Up a Story

Another one that seems kind of silly, but one that I’ve found can be helpful if you’re good at focusing your imagination. Tell yourself a story about anything you can imagine. Hell, if it helps you get creative then use characters you know from your favorite media. Maybe just keep it in your head instead of saying it out loud though if you sleep with a partner without checking with them first, they might not enjoy it much when they’re trying to sleep.

What tips and tricks do you use to help yourself sleep? Leave a comment, and let’s talk about it!

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