Some Thoughts on Medication

Throughout the years, I’ve been on and off various medications for anxiety. I’ve had a wide variety of experiences ranging from okay to pretty awful. However, I don’t want to get into specifics of which medications simply because they affect everybody differently, and what worked for me may cause issues for you and vice versa. Also, if you’re reading this to help you decide if you want to try medication or not you won’t find those answers here, I’m only sharing my own experiences. Everybody is different, and that decision is between you and your doctor.

To get the most important thing out of the way, medication is not a cure. It can’t replace therapy, and it’s no substitute for addressing your anxieties. Medication is a tool to get you through your journey towards a better life and can help you get to solid ground when things are really bad. But it won’t take away the anxiety, it won’t magically make you better. You still need to take the steps to improve yourself, medication simply takes off the edge.

Sometimes finding the right medication is a journey on its own, and can be exhausting. I’ve tried almost every medication out there and most either haven’t helped me at all or have actively made things worse. It can be a long scary process of adjusting to a barrage of chemical changes. Sometimes medication can even have effects that are worse than living with the anxiety and tackling it without any help. I can speak from extensive experience, the process is not fun at all.

Some people can say they’ve had great, life-changing experiences with medication. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can go that far personally. While I’ve settled on something that helps me, with minimal side effects, I often don’t feel like myself. I feel dull, slow, and if I don’t get enough sleep I get this overwhelming grogginess. It’s awful, I hate every moment of it but without it, I’d be a mess. For me, using medication to help me along my path to healing is the lesser of two evils.

Perhaps “evil” is too strong a word to describe medication. It’s not inherently good or bad, but if it’s used responsibly as a part of improving your mental health in can be invaluable.

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