Take Care of Yourself

Like a lot of people right now, I’ve been struggling to cope with the anxiety around the upcoming election in the United States. It’s overwhelming me, and I don’t really have the heart to do a full post today, but I still wanted to put something out there for my readers who are also suffering right now.

I want you to breathe, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Focus on the things that bring you calm, dive into your hobbies, whatever it takes to keep your mind focused on something else. Yes, do your part and vote if can, but that’s all you can expect of yourself and dwelling on the things you can’t control isn’t helping anyone. I know it’ll happen, we can’t help but build up our anxieties, but we can try to keep it to a minimum as much as possible.

You’re strong, you’re amazing, and that will be true no matter what happens.

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