Welcome to My Anxious Life

Hey there, my name is Graham and I am a 31 year old who’s struggled with Anxiety Disorder for most of my life. I had my first panic attack at 13, and while I’ve made lots of progress on the road to conquer my anixety, it’s been a rough and rocky ride. My goal for this blog is to share my experiences struggling with anxiety and depression, and while I won’t have all the answers I hope my insight will help and inspire people, and open the eyes of people who maybe don’t know what living with these struggles.

I’ve been formally diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, and Depression. I also have some traits of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Agoraphobia. Basically, I am a mess. But I think the most important lesson I’ve learned in dealing with these struggles is that while they affect my life profoundly they’re not who I am. It’s very easy to get caught up in the struggle, and to let it define who you are, but we all are who we are despite our struggles, not because of them.

So who am I? I’m a dorky guy who loves music, tech, video games, and being creative. I dislike large crowds, hot weather, laundry day, and pickles. I am fiercly loyal to my friends, and I like to think that I am an open-minded, caring person. I, however am NOT a doctor, so nothing that shows up on this blog is intended as medical advice, I’m just here to share my experiences and show people they’re not alone in the struggle against mental health.

I also want to encourage civil discussion around these topics, so I will aim to leave the comments open on every post. No two people will experience mental illness in the same way so we will all have different experiences, opinions, and solutions to our challenges, so it is valuable to hear different viewpoints.

I will talk to you all soon. In the meantime remember to take deep breaths.

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